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Monday, April 23, 2012

John Carter

Husband and I have talked and talked about going to the movies a whole bunch lately.  For a family of 4, a cinema outing can come with a hefty price tag!

We decided to look for ways to get free or reduced tickets, and before you know it we had a Sunday afternoon date planned!

The kids were ecstatic, as we haven't been to a movie theater in such a long time!  (I think the last one was The Princess and the Frog)  We went through our options carefully but decided on John Carter rather quickly.  
Let me begin by saying that we all loved this movie! Our daughter is 5 and son 2 years old. My son fell asleep half way in and woke up ready to leave, but that's true to a little ones nature of his age. My daughter seemed very much into it! I prepared her beforehand by explaining the strange creatures she'd see, and animals.  We even talked a little about Sci-Fi and CGI. It's amazing how much they absorb at only 5!  I won't give away any spoilers, but I did love that all of the blood in the fight scenes was blue! I kept thinking about how much more grotesque those bloody scenes would be if it weren't, and I appreciated that. I find it interesting how something so simple can change ones perspective so much, and make what otherwise may have been a bloody inappropriate movie enjoyable for the whole family!

The downside, or cons.  A few of the creatures can still be considered scary, and I'm glad our 2 year old slept through the most part.  There are large "white ape" creatures, that are really ferocious.  A few of the female beings are dressed provactively. Even with this though, I did like a moment when the lead female character made a comment to the effect that the attire was not her taste.
There were a few curse words and phrases that were inappropriate, but no more than kids hear when you're walking through the grocery store.
Also, with language, the story line relied heavily on the alternate planet, so there is quite a bit of fictional language, names, dialogue that can be confusing for children to follow, but the basic plot, I believe, they still followed well.

The one scene that was quite troubling, I think, was when one of the female characters was chained and being tortured by branding.  Violence against women tends to stay in my memory bank for a long time, and I didn't realize until the next day that this scene, even though with alien characters, was still on my mind.  I only pray that it didn't stay with my daughter the same way.  

With all of that said, we did enjoy John Carter as our re-introduction to cinema entertainment and I hope your family will too!

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