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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unreal™ Unjunked Candy

 If you haven't tried the UnrealUnjunked Candy yet--you don't know what you're missing!!

In todays world of genetically modified organisms (yes, in your food) corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, food coloring that has been linked to illnesses, and a high amount of preservatives, there arrives on the candy market a new, different alternative.
The back story of this genius invention involves founder Michael Bronner and his son, Nicky, who set out to prove that candy really can taste good without all of the aforementioned JUNK!

Fast forward and I am pleased to say, thanks to their love and perseverance, we now have the Unreal 54--comparable to peanut M&M's®, the Unreal 41--comparable to regular M&M's®, the Unreal 5--comparable to the Milky Way®, Unreal 8--comparable to the Snickers bar® and the Unreal 77--comparable to the Reese's® peanut butter cups.
I have to confess, I have a bit of a sweet tooth.  So I could not pass up the opportunity to try Unreal Unjunked Candy.  Plus, as a mom I am always trying to find ways to provide my children with better nutrition.  What better way to give them sweets then candy without all of the JUNK but with all of the goodness!

I tested the Unreal Unjunked candy with the most candid people I know--my family and friends.  The feedback was awesome across the board!  There were some criticisms too, but the overall consensus amongst everyone was that they would gladly buy this candy over the competition any day!
Now for the REAL:  Unreal5 was my personal favorite!  The caramel is smooth, the chocolate A+ and the nougat perfect (for me).  Some of the feedback I received was that there was a slight aftertaste, but that it wasn't bad and that the nougat was reminiscent of a protein bar.  Also, some said that the wrapping reminded them of a protein bar and they wouldn't have thought it was candy if they saw it in the store first.
Unreal41 had a thinner candy coating than the competition, so that would only affect personal expectations.  The chocolate in this one is light, refreshing and creamy.  The colors were very unique!  Criticisms on this one included that the chocolate wasn't as rich as expected, and that the shell was thin.  Unreal54 is the peanut version and was quite nutty!  These two were the favorites of my son and daughter.
I took a picture of the cross section of Unreal8 to show the caramel and nut combination:
I really enjoyed this one and I'm not a fan of the alternative, so this was a huge plus for me!  Also, shown in the photo are the Unreal54--candy coated chocolates.  Criticisms on the Unreal8 included that it needed more caramel (I disagreed), and more nuts (possibly, but that's a personal preference).
Last, but not least, is the Unreal™77.  The peanut butter cups.  I honestly, do not know one person who doesn't like peanut butter cups!  The Unreal peanut butter cups had an excellent chocolate to peanut butter ratio, were creamy, and had the infamous unreal logo stamped to the underside.  It was too funny to see how many people were surprised by that and it made them all smile!  One criticism (from 1 tester) was that they found the peanut butter to be "gritty."  No one else agreed, though but I wanted to keep this review as balanced as possible.  You'll just have to try them for yourself today and let me know what you think!!
Future Unreal Unjunked
poster child?
If you like this review and want to try the Unreal Unjunked candy for yourself, just join this blog (be a member), leave a comment below and email me your name and mailing address.  The first 5 readers to respond will receive a sample of the Unreal Unjunked candy of your choice for free!

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  1. Unjunked Candy..I Love it, for me it tasted like what candy should taste like it was Real Candy I could tell there were no preservatives the flavors were real and made me feel like it was alright to eat. Amazing and I really want to purchase this. I can't choose a favorite because I loved everyone. I agree with the package comment but because I tried it I would buy it and really really want more the flavors are great.

  2. Unjunked candy is awesome I want more now. This candy really tastes like what candy should taste like I felt it was ok to eat. The package reminds me of Halloween very festive. When I ate other candy it tasted like there were chemicals or something I should not eat then the Unjunked candy taste's like my Grandmother could have made it from scratch. I am buying this as soon as I can. Thank you Unjunked candy for Real Candy.